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About Our Committee

The Education Committee’s primary focus is the children of Vadamanappakkum. Working alongside the primary and secondary school, our goal is to give the children the resources they need to enrich their learning experiences. We strive to spread awareness, educate, and provide resources in various sectors of life, including computer literacy, career development, nutrition, and mental health. Some of our past projects include hosting an education fair, creating informational nutrition posters, and developing the computer room within the school. Currently, our committee is building upon our nutritional poster project and computer lab project. We are exploring methods to spread awareness and educate on the importance of proper nutrition and planning a potential workshop for the children to develop their computer skills alongside the developing technological advances in our world.

Education: What We Do
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Education Fair

The goal of the education fair was to design a simple set of lessons to spread awareness and educate the children in Vadamanappakkum on a diverse set of topics. These included hygiene, nutrition, mental health management, and career development. The members of our committee edited videos on the listed topics that were viewed during the fair and created career development pamphlets and nutritional posters as resources. In addition, we organized professional speakers, an ENT doctor and a nutrition/hygiene specialist, to share information on various career paths and educate on proper nutrition. This project is still in progress for our current and future projects to build on, as we introduce these areas of development to the children.

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Computer Literacy Program

During India Trip in 2017, the headmaster of the school expressed the need for improvement within the school’s computer lab, as the majority of the computers were broken and unusable by the students. Accordingly, our committee gained funds and provided computers for the lab. With working computers, the children could begin to use them with the regular curriculum to supplement their learning and develop skills for future career guidance. This project serves as a reference point as we explore methods to create a workshop for the children to develop their computer literacy skills further.

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