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About Our Committee

The environmental sustainability committee identifies areas of improvement alongside the people of Vadamanapakkam to promote a healthy and safe community. Through research and collaboration, this committee implements sustainable solutions aimed at bettering the environmental conditions for all villagers.

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Bathroom Sanitation Project

Our future goal is to continue and expand on last year's bathroom maintenance project. RISHI has built bathrooms in the school; however, they are not utilized due to lack of maintenance and stigma around feminine hygiene. Therefore, we are working with the Women's Empowerment committee so we can address this feminine hygiene issue so that we may allow for bathrooms to be open in the long run.

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Feminine Hygiene Project

Women hygiene is not often discussed in Vadamanapakkam and because of this many female individuals do not understand the menstrual cycle or even the proper disposal/use of sanitary napkins. Because of these issues, this committee has taken efforts to improve the education of members in the village as well as encouraging female individuals to dispose of products in proper places so as to avoid contamination in other resources.

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